These people will not stop calling me! Sometimes they identify themselves as "MCS Credit Card Services" and other times it is just the 'your credit is in trouble' opener. The constant however is press 1 to speak with an agent, and press 3 to stop receiving these calls.

THREE times I pressed 3 and I received another call from them a week or so later. FOUR times I have pressed 1 and spoken with a live operator about being removed from the list. Three told me in broken english I would be removed, after making feeble excuses about a dialing error. ....RIGHT. The last one today, was an American fellow in Michigan according to the area code. He called me a "douchebag" when I asked him to remove my name from the list. A douchebag! He is calling ME, wasting MY time, and I'M the douchebag?

I've never been as tempted to commit cross border strangulation as I was today. God help the next one who phones me. They are not going to like what I have to say to them.
Fed up
 Oct 03rd, 2008
i got the same message today only it was a male voice that said the same thing except i think it said the name was michael or something like that. the call is really annoying and has no point to it. i wish someone could find out who this company is (if it's a real company) and shut them down once and for all.
 May 28th, 2008
Every day I get a call from these guys.. a female voice saying that "This is Kelly from MCS Credit card Services... blhah, blah, blah" just like the comment from "Not Happy".
 May 02nd, 2008
I get at least one call a day from these clowns and it's always the same. A female voice comes online right away and says, "We have noticed that you're paying too much for you credit card..." or "Urgent, please contact us regarding your interest rate..." and there is never any contact information. They want me to press 1 or 3 to confirm or reject but I'm wary of this as I've heard of too many phone scams that ask you to hit a key and then take that as authorization to bill your phone company as a 3rd party.

One such story involved phone bills in excess of $10,000 and there was nothing the customer could do. The phone company expected to be paid - period!

I would like an actual contact for these low-life marketing scum-bags so I can call them and have my name removed. Legally they are obligated to do so if you request it. If after you've made a request they ignore you there is recourse through legal channels.
 Apr 29th, 2008