They called me and said they were from "Geek Support" (not squad). They told me that there was spyware and malware on my computer and he needed me to log on so we can fix it. I said "Your with Geek support and you can see that there is an issue with my computer?" He said, "Yes Ma'am." I said, "Let me tell you something! I know what is going on with my computer and I also know that my computer has nothing to do with Geek anything! Your full of BS, DO NOT CALL my house again with your scam!" I hung up. The man did have a heavy accent. Watch out folks, its the Holidays and these guys are going to be working over time. Know who your support is. If someone calls you, do not give out your info, dont log in and dont push any buttons. Hang up and call your service provider and company tech support if you are unsure. These guys are dirtbags looking for someone to buy their scam.
Lisa K
 Nov 04th, 2013
Claim to be with the "Geek Squad", they support microsoft and are responding to problems in the area. Ask us to go to our computer. Told them to remove me from their call list and they hang up. They continue to call, harass.
 Nov 02nd, 2013
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 May 17th, 2013