Obviously someone from India called. He asked to speak to someone who doesn't live here, never has, and we've had this phone number for 7 years. I told him to quit calling, that we were on the Do Not Call list and that he was in violation and not to call again. He was VERY RUDE and told me that I had to prove that he had called before. I told him I didn't have to prove anything and he persisted that I had to prove he had called before. I told him where he could go and hung up. I know it is from NCO from an earlier called. We just switched to a cell phone and we only get the number. My son is in the Army so we answer all calls not knowing where he may be calling from. When we had digital phone NCO called up to 6 times a day, but they never left a message before. Their reputation is horrible and they have been fined easily for violating DNC list.
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 Feb 28th, 2009