I received a call from 267-464-0176 at approximately 9am on Friday, May 24, 2013. The caller was very disrespectful when I questioned how they received my number and why they were calling me. Finally, the female caller stated that someone must have used my number for a reference. I asked her how could someone use my number as a reference without my authorization - she stated that they did not need authorization for it was not for employment purposes. I then asked to speak with a manager (who was even more ruder than the initial caller) - He told me if I did not like the fact that they were calling me on my personal cell phone that I could get an attorney. This is outrageous - I don't know who these people are, they are constantly calling my personal cell phone (which is costing me money) and they are rude and disrespectful. After the manager hung up with me - I was left still unaware as to why they are calling me in the first place.
 May 24th, 2013