Stop calling my phone. I will report you if I receive another call from you.
 Sep 25th, 2013
Whoever these people are call my cell phone constantly. I am not a business owner just a private citizen who is tired of receiving calls everyday. They never leave a message.
 Apr 22nd, 2010
I just wanted to say in response to a recent post here: Att/. Bell south will screw you out of money fast. They are liars and the internet option they sell business is bull crap. They claim many hits but when you read the fine print, it is a wash and all a smoke a mirrors lie to their traffic stats.
phone owner
 Apr 20th, 2010
What do these people want? What is it with these telemarketers from out of state?
phone owner
 Apr 20th, 2010
They are calling my cell phone. If they are getting my number from the ATT phonebook I am being screwed out of 40 dollars every time they call. I am an idiot and I let my ATT salesman in Wichita KS Steve, sigh me up for ATT's bullshit pay per call advertising.
 Apr 07th, 2010
These people call my business EVERY DAY. I can't just let it ring with customers in the store, and when I do answer it is silent - not even an automated message with options to be removed from their list. So frustrating!
 Apr 01st, 2010
These idiots just called me at my job. After a lengthy and cheesy commercial for mortgages or some crap, I pressed the number to speak with someone, then slammed the phone nice and hard. I don't care.
 Mar 30th, 2010
This number is identified with SBA Consultants on my caller ID and is a number registered in Philadelphia. Pressed one to ask to be removed from their call list and some guy named "Steve" asked me what I was going to do about it if they didn't. That tells you a lot about the kind of business these guys are.
 Mar 17th, 2010
TELEMARKETERS, RECORDED MESSAGE. Did not listen to entire speil, but did file complaint with national do not call registry.
 Mar 16th, 2010
Here's a solution I use for my cell phone: I add the number to my address book labeled SPAM. Every telemarketer call I get I add to the various locations for SPAM; work, cell, home, etc. When I fill that one up I make a new one; SPAM1, SPAM2, etc. I never answer a call with an out of state area code but go here and check the number first.

I don't use my precious expensive minutes and they get to listen to my answering service. Simple.
 Mar 10th, 2010
Idiots stop calling a private number you have been listed as harrassing a private person
 Mar 09th, 2010
Have received calls from this number 8 different times and there is no one on the line. I have called this number from the caller ID and still get no human. I have chosen to have the number removed all 8 times. What can be done to stop this from calls coming to a business?
 Mar 09th, 2010
I never answer incoming numbers that I am not familiar with (Caller ID). If the caller want to leave a message they can. I listen to it then do a search on the number. You can obtain Call blocker software for a modest price. It's well worth it.

 Mar 08th, 2010
These f*(&ers get your # and don't let go. They are totally automated and waste your cell minutes... if you get a real person, put em on hold and don't come back
 Mar 05th, 2010
Scam company targeting small business owners. They seem to be operating on a very illegal basis. They will not remove numbers from a calling list. Beware of this scam operation!
Thin Lynn
 Mar 02nd, 2010
They keep calling offering business credit...we keep pushing 8 to be removed...yet they keep on calling...
Discount PM
 Feb 26th, 2010
prerecorded message for business capital
 Feb 24th, 2010
No way to stop the recorded message offering low interest lows for small businesses. I held down the "9" key which just caused the message to restart. I held down the "1" key which connected me to a person. I asked for the telephone number of the company. I was disconnected. sbaconsultants is using a new phone number, since the old one that plagued me is on my call blocking system.
Chicago Ed
 Feb 23rd, 2010
Listened to same recording...Asked me same info...Very direct with me and I was direct with him...Was gathering info and once he asked for bank and routing # I said that is the end of this business call...
 Feb 10th, 2010
they called and my voicemail picked up, it cut off the first part of what the female computer voice said.
it said "Press 1 to be taken off the list......... (pause)"
and then cut off
Little Jimmy
 Feb 09th, 2010
They called my cell and I listened to their recorded message. It's about "small businesses getting the credit they need" and not a bill collector. You press 8 to have your number removed, or press 1 if you want to be connected to someone to talk about getting their supposed "small business credit" I just listened to the entire thing to try to report them since it is 100% illegal for ANY telemarketer to call your cell phone number. And just FYI, your cell number does NOT have to be added to the DoNotCall list in order for this to happen. And also, despite any emails you may get, the FTC will NEVER be "ABOUT TO RELEASE ALL CELL PHONE NUMBERS TO TELEMARKETERS"...It's just some stupid email that goes around every few months. Always check SNOPES.COM or Google the email info first before you forward it yourself.
 Feb 08th, 2010
This company calls me once per week...but I never picked up until today. I figured it was a telemarketing firm. And not to my surprise it was. A presentation begins about securing funds for your business so I press 1. I'm then directed to a rather direct associate who asks me how much I need. I say less than $100,000 may be $50,000. Now the guy just starts asking me all types of questions, name, phone, tax iD then he says your bank and routing number. I stop and ask "is there some type of fee for this program?" He quickly responds "There's a $399 fee." I respond "Well I don't have any info about your and I don't have $399 in my account right now." he cut's me off stating "Well you just asked me for $50,000 and you don't have $399 in your account? Come on!!!!" in a very upset and angry tone. I immediately hung up realizing this was a scam. Little did he know I just opened a brand new account for business transactions earlier but have money in several other accounts to pay the measly $399 fee. I simply wanted more details about the program. So who ever called me from 267-298-2961.... YOU ARE THE IDIOT!!!!!
 Feb 01st, 2010
They are morons. Why can't people get real fucking jobs? Yeah, here's an idea; I will get a dumb ass automated machine that dials numbers all day and I will get business. Fucking pathetic idiots!
 Jan 22nd, 2010
No message, I think they are debt collectors!
 Jan 19th, 2010
telemarketing call by computer (I am listed on the do not call lists) and I got to a live person and I quote: "don't give my that shit, I do not need to be polite to you, and you need to read the law for the do not call list. I am a business and call anyone I like."

bob wright
 Jan 18th, 2010
I am sick and tired of getting calls from this company. I called the number and let it ring forever, no one answered.
 Jan 15th, 2010
If you call this number, you get an option to press 1 to stop the calls. Evidently they claim to provide funding for small business.
 Jan 15th, 2010