A lot of these bogus/random numbers are set up to random dial numbers. They have robots doing this to "discover" usable (live) and/or "dead" (disconnected, voicemails, etc....worthless) numbers.

Once they realize your number is "live" they will keep calling until you opt out.
 Sep 15th, 2009
I just got a call from this number and they did not leave a message, I live in TN
 May 15th, 2009
I just got a call from this number at 4:11. I think it's a bogus number that's set up to get charges added to your cell phone somehow. Look up Snopes.com. There's something on there about random numbers calling cell phones.
 May 14th, 2009
This number called my cell today around 4:15 p.m. and did not leave a message. I looked it up and it's the Philadelphia, Pa. area. I live in Key West, Florida and this is the first time I have recieved a call from this number.
 May 14th, 2009
I just got a call from this number first was a recording about Pres.Obama's mortgage assistance program then if you press 1 and say you are interested a person answers and I asked what company they were with just said mortgage services and I wanted an explanation about what they do and she said they gather all informatin then give it to another company! Beware!!
 May 13th, 2009
called my cell & didn't leave a VM. I'm tired of these calls.
 May 13th, 2009
called my work number in DC but I didn't pick up.
 May 13th, 2009
Mortgage Services is supposedly based in Southern California, but Area Code 267 is from Pennsylvannia. "Eddie," the schmuck who took the call after three minutes of waiting, refused to say where in "Southern California" he is from, refused to connect me with a supervisor and refused to even acknowledge he made the call -- "A computer made the call," this genius said. Called the number back, and the only option available was to remove my number from its computer bank.

Anyone else who gets this number, do as I am about to do -- call the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission.
 May 13th, 2009
Called my cell on 5/6/09 no voicemail. I live in MO.
 May 12th, 2009
call me biz cell at 8p on weeknight on May 11, no message
 May 12th, 2009
Called my cell; did not leave a message.
 May 12th, 2009
I really don't like getting calls from unknown numbers on my cell phone. I live in TN got a call from this number tonight and they didn't leave a message. Looked up the number and its a Philadelphia area code. I know absolutely no one in Philadelphia.
 May 08th, 2009
I just added this cell number (along with my home #) to the Do Not Call Registry this week because of the "warranty" and other calls I've been receiving. This is a new 'nonsense' caller...makes me wonder if there's someone at the Do Not Call Registry playing games??? Either way, they should be tracked, by either the phone company or authorities, and penalized-
 May 08th, 2009
Yep, called me just now 8:07 pm May 6th. Left a voice mail, dunno what it is though b/c I forgot the pw to it :p
 May 07th, 2009
called my cell today
 May 06th, 2009
I leave comments everytime I receive these calls. They are coming in 2-3x a day to both my cell & house phone. I rarely use my cell minutes for personal use & they are wasting them. This is nothing short of harassment. When is something going to be done about this? I just posted in one of my comments that since we all seem to do reverse look-up & get busy signals or hung up on when calling them back that we should send them mail to the addresses listed. I think since I may start submitting the addresses for junk snail mail. Here are some other numbers they have called from to my phones: 267-298-2093; 303-749-9642; 262-513-8290; 208-664-0749; 256-659-6931; 386-761-4356. Wish I saved the rest. Starting saving them to fight my cell provider for if/when I go over minutes.
verizon user
 May 06th, 2009
Wanted to add: maybe since we all seem to do reverse look-up & get busy signals when calling them back, we can send them mail to the addresses provided. I may start signing these addresses up to receive junk snail mail. Here are other numbers that they use:267-298-2093; 303-749-9642; 262-513-8290; 208-664-0749;256-659-6931;386-761-4356.
verizon user
 May 06th, 2009
This number, 267-298-2093, called me last night (5/5/09) as I was walking out of the grocery store. I called it back right away & for the first time got through. I had to press "1" in order to have my cell phone number put on their do not call list. That irks me because they should never have had my cell number to begin with. I bought my cell for emergencies only so only friends/family have my number. When is something going to be done about this form of harassment? They also call my home phone. That number is on the do not call registry. Why are they allowed to call me just for me to press "1" to be put on THEIR do not call list? Obviously if I'm already on the registry that means do not call. They use many numbers. I have 5 different ones on my house phone & 4 on my cell.
verizon user
 May 06th, 2009
at first sounded like a message about President Obama - listened longer and sounded more like a recording about mortgage rates/information that referenced some legislation the President supports. Despite the seemingly political nature of the ad, and the lack of any actual information, the call 1) reminded me of the "Factory Warranty on your vehicle" calls towards the end, stating that this was "your notice" re. mortgage something-or-other. 2) had two options at the end, press 1 for more info, press 2 to be removed from the list. 3) call came to a cell phone (T-Mobile subscriber) 4) I don't have a mortgage Scam? Annoyance? Really bad attempt at political robocall?
 May 04th, 2009
Looked up the area code for this phone number and it comes from Philadelphia, PA. Didn't pick up though....too busy with chores. Must be a scam.
 Apr 30th, 2009
The automated message says they are a mortgage company and want to help you fix your mortgage with help from the Obama Administration. It then tells you to press 1 for help and 2 to be deleted from the call list. Since I don't have a mortgage, I just hung up. Definitely makes me think this is a scam.
 Apr 30th, 2009