This number claims they are attorneys working on a claim for collections. They call and say ask for Jason Hunter. Then it states if this isn't Jason Hunter please press 3. I have pressed that I am Jason Hunter, I have pressed 3, I have called the number back and have left a message that there is no such person here by the name of Jason Hunter. Now these people have somehow got a hold of my personal cell phone and is doing the exact same thing! How on earth can I report this and whom would I report it to? This has been happening well over 5 years! This isn't daily, and it had stopped for a while, now when they are calling my cellphone, I get the feeling it's someone that has access to my personal information, or is doing something illegal. FOR THE RECORD, I HAVE NO IDEA WHO THE HECK JASON HUNTER IS.
Irene Guajaca
 Feb 01st, 2013