After a week of calling from 267-233-3600, they have moved to this number. It's some kind of telemarketing. Always just a computer recording. Being on the DO NOT CALL list has no effect on these idiots.
Brooklyn NY
 Apr 15th, 2008
I've received at least one call per day for the past 3 days. The first time and third time, we answered the phone and said "hello" only to hear silence and then they hung up. The second call was a recorded message...something like "This is the Verafast automated phone system" followed by a hang up. I called the phone number on my caller id only to get a recorded message asking me to enter my phone number in order to be removed from their calling list. I did not enter my number because I suspect it's a that will allow somebody to use my phone number to make very expensive phone calls only to be billed to me. I guess I'll call my phone company tomorrow.
 Apr 14th, 2008
Just a recording telling me "this is a call from Verafast, 267-233-3600." Then it disconnected.
Brooklyn NY
 Apr 09th, 2008
Calls twice a day, reported to T=Mobile, told to track for a week and they would call back to see what I had and then offered to change my number for free. They never called back but 267-233-3600 still calls twice a day no message. First call said they were verifiying number. Also on do not call list
 Apr 05th, 2008
I just received another call from VERAFAST. Even though my numbers are on the "National Do Not Call" Registry they somehow get through that one. What can I do to stop these annoying calls?
 Mar 31st, 2008
I also got a call from this number and no one was there when I picked up. Almost immediately, Sprint called (from an "unknown number" to sell me a new plan, upgraded phone, etc. But the guy who called didn't even have the right information on me. I refused to change my plan and hung up. I wonder if the first call is just to see if someone answers so that they could call.
 Mar 31st, 2008
I received at least 5 calls from these people whoever they are. The calls are mostly in the pm and often during the early afternoon hours.I answered the phone today and it was a recorded message saying "this is Verafast" call this number and the number showed on my caller ID.
 Mar 29th, 2008
i receive at least 3 of these calls a day.. they are from Penn. I never answer my phone. im wondering if they are from cutco since a salesperson came to my house to do a demo.
 Mar 28th, 2008
This if the fourth or fifth call received from this number/company ... always the same ... we say "hello", there is NEVER a response! Our only recourse is to hang up. The calls usually are sometime in the AM EDST.
 Mar 26th, 2008