I got a call yesterday 11-24-15 from same number. When I said hello they just hung up.

Today a few minutes ago they called again and told me that they were calling about my computer and that there are some serious issues. I asked them what operating system I was using and they said windows 7 and I have a virus. Told them wrong and please quit calling me and that this is a scam which the BBB is aware of in NC.

Also told them I know they have various numbers they call from and that I am not interested and to please quit calling.

They then hung.
Paraplegic NC
 Nov 25th, 2015
COMPUTER SCAM, CALLER SAYS your computer is calling them... I said oh really tell me what computer I have he said you have windows computer and it has virus it is calling them. Told him I have a MAC computer with SAFARI loaded & no windows programs.. No way it can call him.. Told him that he is mistaken and STOP WASTING MY TIME Goodbye
 Nov 06th, 2015
Called telling me she was with the computer service and was calling because there was a problem with my computer was sending out information
 Sep 10th, 2015