"Scott" has called my cell phone 3 times now offering Lynn (no one here by that name) work-from-home info, claiming Lynn went to a website and requested that info. I've had 3 messages for Lynn, even though my voicemail message clearly states my name. The first message is from "Hans" and sounds very robotic, provides a web address and access code for an "earn money from home" website, and phone # 1-866-480-9762 (not the number he called from). The next 2 messages are from "Scott," again stating that I requested work-from-home info on his website and claims the phone number he's calling from is his direct line to his cell phone. Claims also to work with a "Danny Johnson." No idea who these people are. I'm assuming it's a scam and I won't call back to validate my phone # for them to further annoy me.
 Feb 05th, 2008