They call from many numbers...usually spoofind their caller id to resemble a local call...
202-607-2744 "Call Center, DC
202-607-2746 "Call Center, DC
202-607-2748 "Call Center, DC
202-607-2749 BCR
202-607-2806 BCR
262-586-4907 Salem WI
262-586-4725 Salem WI
262-586-4646 Salem WI
 Feb 26th, 2010
I believe it is BCR, they call from the following...
262-586-4907 "Salem WI, Also call as BCR, shortly after
262-586-4725 "Salem WI, Also call as BCR, shortly after
262-586-4646 "Salem WI, Also call as BCR, shortly after

And also these numbers...
Number Caller ID
202-607-2749 BCR
202-607-2806 BCR
202-607-2746 Washington DC
 Feb 26th, 2010
This number is BCR ... don't know what they want but they call from many numbers and fake their id! Look at 202-607-2748, and 202-607-2746

low life assholes! Hope they get arrested for scamming!
 Dec 31st, 2009