I got a very similar call, the guy kept pushing to try to get me to "donate" for them. I told him I didn't have any extra cash and that I would have to speak to my husband etc... He didn't take that as a no, he asked if we had just $20 to donate. I just saw on the news that it is a scam and now will probably call the police station to report it and give them the number.
 Jan 28th, 2007
I answered the call as it was a cell call, not usually associated with telemarketing. I actually talked with someone claiming to be from the WI Prof. Police Association. They asked for me by first name though not as it is spelled. Secondly they didn't know my last name or address information. When I asked how they knew my first name and number without the rest of my info he said he didn't know, its how they're leads are. Going along with it as I was suspicious...I was asked to use a credit card for a donation...I declined and asked to be sent some documentation..etc. When I was told a supervisor needed to confirm this..I wasn't put on hold..note it was indeed a cell phone..the same guy with a slightly lowered voice confirmed it. It sounded like a party in the background. I did get a letter that included misspellings. It also included fine print mentioning Xentel as the fundraiser company. It might be legit..my concern was the use of a cell phone and its associated area code. Anyone else experience the same?
S. A.
 Jan 14th, 2007