Message left on my cell. Most of message was not understandable. Sounded like she was in a fish bowl. Parts that were sort of clear were demanding that we go somewhere in the city where she would be for a few hours and being ID and sign some papers, but if we settled, send a stop order. Then she gave a name of the filer and this number. Then it sounded like she made a threat that she would come to our house. First of all, the phone she called is a buy minutes phone that I have had at least five years. The number is not published and only family and a few friends have the number. I have no debts, so either she had the wrong number or they are calling random numbers trying to scare people. I have also gotten debt collection calls for someone with a foreign name. My poor mother in law gets calls all the time demanding money that she doesn't owe. I can only guess that the scammers (thieves) are out in force.
 Jun 27th, 2012