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Our answering service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. so likely they outsourced the fundraising and are loosly related to any wisconsin police organization. Better to donate locally or directly to you town county or wis hwy patrol because these places are know to skima large portion of donation money off they top.
 Nov 08th, 2011
Dunno if its the WPPA or not. Just got the call & no mssg was left. I do not answer calls if I do not know the caller, everyone who knows me knows to leave a mssg.
 Aug 27th, 2010
This guy Nathanial called and stated he was from the Wis. Law enforcement looking for my brother. I told Nathanial that we were on the do not call list. Nathanial wanted to know if I was the decision maker-- I told Nathanial that my brother was not home. I final hung up on him and told Nathional where to stick it!!
 Jul 09th, 2010
I had a long conversation with this person, I first told him that I only donate locally because I feel strongly that I need to know where my dollars go. I have to say that it was an interesting conversation, he said that he was a Vietnam veteran and being of that age and having family who served in Vietnam and also being in college at that time I felt that I could debate him, I think that he was playing from a democrat play book, but my life experiences have led me to a solid position for debate on any subject from my paying for my own health care, education, etc. I have to say that the man that called was courteous and he listened to my point of view and that it was evident to me that we would never agree and I would never donate, so I told him that I appreciated his call but I still would continue to donate locally and be an active part of my community because that was the only way I knew that my dollars were spent wisely. So if you get the phone call from this organization I really believe that rather than a hang up it is worth an interesting debate if you are so inclined.
 Apr 17th, 2010
I am glad I found this site. It was some lady spewing out about being me needing to become a concerned citizen, blah, blah, and helping the police. As soon as I asked for some more information in writing, she told me they had no website. When I asked them to send me something by mail, she told me that I would have to make a verbal pledge. I said no thank you. She hung up. I filed a report with the Do Not Call registry.
 Mar 29th, 2010
i just got a call from this number a few minutes ago
not only was he extremely rude but then hung up
just me
 Jan 12th, 2010
been getting calls from this number numerous times, sick of them calling me. ask for my girlfriend, she wasnt home yet and i asked may i ask who is calling and they jsut said "WEll call back" and they hung up! if it is the police thing like the first post says, what fucking assholes, they aint getting no donation from us if there just going to waste our time and not tell us who they are. fucking bastards!
pissed off
 Dec 22nd, 2009
This is the Wisconsin Professional Police association calling for fundraising and donations. They will continue to call even though you are on the Do Not Call list due to a loophole in the policy that allows government to call. Ignore this and any other numbers you don't recognize. If it is someone who needs to talk to you, they would leave a message.
 Dec 15th, 2009
been getting "local call back" calls the past 2 weeks every day. This number showed up today. We do not answer these calls. We are on the do not call list. Considering this is a relatively new listing, I am thinking the phone company has been selling the info, despite my opting out.
 Dec 12th, 2009
I get one call each day from this number. I am on the do not call list
 Sep 06th, 2009
Two calls in the past two days. Have not answered either time.
R. Sorenson
 Sep 02nd, 2009
I called the number. It is the Wisconsin Professional Police Organization calling for donations.
 Sep 02nd, 2009
Who is this ?
Wendy H
 Aug 11th, 2009
I have been getting calls from (262)421-4160 and other numbers with different area codes. My Caller-ID shows "Local Call Back" and I have no clue as to who this is coming from as I have never has any person answer. I now pick up my phone turn it on and turn it off. I consider this a nuisance call and it is worse than spam. The calls come many times when I am asleep and I have gotten multiple calls in one day. I have looked up the number and it is coming from within my state which exempts it from the "Do Not Call" list. I am going to keep track of every number that displays "Local Call Back" as the caller. I am going to complain to the BBB and my State Legislators to see if this can be stopped. I would also want this company or whatever to be denied exemption from State protection so that they can not change their system. I think this is some company offering a call back feature for calls we missed.
 Jun 10th, 2009