they call and call and leave no messege and no one is there when you pick up.....guess it must be nice to have time to just make plank calls huh
 Oct 12th, 2009
Missed a call from this number today (10-12-09) at 11:52am. No message. Called back and got the "if you would like to be placed on our 'do not call' list, press 1" recording.
 Oct 12th, 2009
I am at work....calls of these types are not acceptable...my phone is for emergencies only.
 Oct 08th, 2009
I had a missed call from this number today (10/7/09). I have no other information.
 Oct 08th, 2009
If you don't pickup the phone call, their auto dialer will most likely call back again later. In order to not receive anymore calls, you simply need to follow the prompts to remove your phone number from the callers list while on the original phone call or call back the caller's phone number. If that doesn't work for you after 48 hours of your request not to be called and/or if you'd like to speak to a live person call 307-223-0458 or 877-646-7319. I did it and it worked.
 Oct 06th, 2009