Is this a faulty machine transcription or precisely what the message said?
 Mar 31st, 2011
Got the following message in my voice mail: Voicemail from: 206-337-7990 at 11:58 AM
Hi. This is Steve in Indiana. I'd like to share secret with you. I spend most of my life, working the corporate world chasing the American dream. I still be on the corporate treadmill. If I had discovered secret formula for generating 400 97 $1,497 per day, the system generates more leads per day that I could ever work with. That's why I'm offering to share my secret with a few individuals. This is truly want to work at home and make more money than they could ever make working for someone else if you're open to learning more about my secret formula, call me at (260) 222-2575. To learn more about this incredible paternity, If you're ready. Take charge of your future. I learned how to begin airing what you're really worth call me at 206-222-2575 for now and May God bless your day.

I have reported this as spam but wanted to post about it in case they call others. Phone spam is just as bad as email spam and should be reported when possible.
 Mar 31st, 2011