PER another person who reported this: I'm sitting at home the other day and the phone rings. It appears to be a local number (256/781-4908), so I pick it up. On the other end is a woman talking a mile a minute, telling me they'll be delivering the local paper, the Times Daily, in a new format in my area, and they're giving people copies. So, it sounds like I'm getting a free copy of the paper. Then she says she has to give me to her supervisor to do some quality check to make sure she did a good job or something. So I get on the phone with this guy who tries to verify I just ordered a subscription to the Times Daily. What?!? I said "no", and he immediately hangs up. What's that all about? Is the paper doing so poorly they're resorting to telemarketing to scam people into subscriptions? I called the number back and got a voicemail with "Turnkey Solutions" that appears to be a firm that does telemarketing.

Good grief. It's bad enough I get this crap from bigger companies, now the local paper is doing it? Has anyone else got calls like this?

at 22:53
 Jun 17th, 2009