I tried a reverse phone # look up only to find it's a cell # issued by Sprint out of the Huntsville, Alabama area... Even tried to spy call it.. To no avail. Then found a couple of different sites where others have reported the # as being ADT, trying to sell Home Security Systems... SO... I got my # changed right at 30 days ago & immediately registered it w/ The National Do Not Call..However, I believe, from my understanding, it says it can take up to/ or it does take 30 days for the Registration Process to go thru/ Take Full Effect... Leaving an open door for those scumbags...
FYI, spy call is awesome..If you have a call from a CELL PHONE & want to find out who it came from... go to the website, type in the # of a CELL PHONE ONLY, the # is called & that person's outgoing message is recorded...THEN, You simply listen to the recording of their outgoing message. Only problem... If they have been spy dialed before, they can opt out, unless you pay for the spy call & then they are given a dead end # as the call back #.... I believe that is how it works...haven't used it in awhile & I've only used the free version. Spydialer.com
 Oct 25th, 2012