I got a call from this company a few months back and their representative actually started yelling at me when I told him I wouldn't put him through without knowing the nature of his call. He waited a couple of weeks and called back, like I would put him through after the way he acted the last time. I tried to find information on the number with no luck but at some point the owner answered the phone after hours and another representative managed to get an appointment with him. Of course the story he told to get the appointment changed drastically when he got here. He was overly pushy trying to sell his services and my boss had to tell him flatly that he had to leave. They called back the next day and he told them he wasn't interested, they called again I told them he wasn't interested and after that we just stopped answering their calls. The representative left a card and the corporate offices is actually in Illinois and the web address is www.sms-na.com. They have a C+ rating with the BBB with 26 complaints since they were established in 2010. They finally stopped calling a month or two ago but imagine my surprise when we received a call from them at 7:32 this morning.
Huntsville AL
 Jun 28th, 2012