I had called Customer Support for Microsoft Windows (about 11:15am) - before being transferred to Tech Sup. they asked for my phone number to complete their side of the call. I was unable to wait for Tech (20+min queue times) so I hung up. I did not choose the call-back option. About 2 hrs later I received a call from this number. They have called 5 times now (this last time being 7:55pm) The one time I was able to answer, there was no reply on the other end, and it almost immediately disconnected. I tried calling back, but it either instantly disconnects, or rings as busy. I would like to know if this is something else, or linked to Microsoft - I would hate to think they are dropping me into a 3rd party call-list just because I called to get some help with one of their crappy products. Highly upset here..........
 May 02nd, 2013