Caller left my a recorded message stating that the IRS was suing me and that this was my final notice. I suspected a scam and when I called back, a man identifying himself as "officer Scott Jackson of the IRS" answered. He knew my name and address and asked for my social. He said that I had a mistake on my taxes for 5 years and rattled off a list (including being arrested TODAY) of punishments. He was aggressive and got more so when I asked him to verify himself. I asked for a supervisor and it sounded like the same guy. He finally asked if I could resolve the matter over the phone and when I refused, he said that they were sending the sheriff out to arrest me right now. I called the police and they verified that this was a common scam....don't fall for it! They just called agin
 May 27th, 2016
Has called twice today saying that it's the IRS and final notice that they are filing a lawsuit against me and to call back at 254.433.5125. Note: The IRS NEVER calls you so do not fall for this scam.
 May 26th, 2016