This number called my husband's cell and my cell on the same day. We do NOT have the same carrier (mine is a private line that uses Verizon, his is a company phone from AT&T). Neither of us answered our phones, but we were both left voice mail msgs.. My caller sounded like a young Asian girl, said "Hello, Becky," then giggled, said her name was Something-or-Other (I couldn't understand it at all). It was a bit garbled, but I made out something about how she was my "friend" calling from L.A., (even though the area code my cell showed was 254, like my own in Texas). Then I think she said "hope you are having a nice day," and then it sounded like she said, "Love you more" before she hung up. My husband's caller sounded like an Asian male, and informed my husband that he'd "won a million dollars," and to come to the address the caller gave to claim it (don't remember the no., but it was on "100th St." which of course, we don't even HAVE in our small town. I went to my Verizon account online and blocked the no., although I'm sure it was bogus, anyhow.I plan to ask Verizon about it.
Becky In Texas
 May 24th, 2015