This is a number that was dialed 60 times in a row on a day when only 3 people were home. We're all curious what or who's number this is. We'd remember dialing a number 60 times in a 10 minute period. It was a 12 minute local call, but what is baffling is I was home that day sitting right next to the phone and nobody made 60 calls let alone to the same number. This isn't an oversight, I found the number on a fluke looking for a family member's number in the call details. There sits this number, dialing out to this number from my home number 60 times at 0 (zero) seconds and one time at 12 minutes. It occurred on 4/29/2009 from about 10:22am to 10:34 am. This call was not dialed any other day in the last 90 days, was never an incoming number, and never a missed call. (I should add that our missed calls are only about 10% or less of our incoming calls.
We did call the number today but it just rang. It's the only weird number on our outbound list.
 May 10th, 2009