Computer maintenance? Right. I wasn't born yesterday, idiots.
 Jul 30th, 2013
Damn idiot that could not even speak english calling me saying he is from some home improvement company......
 Jul 27th, 2013
He couldn't speak English very well. Started off with who he was and all I could understand was improvement. He then said he only needed a few minutes of my time and started off repeating my phone number then I asked him who he said he was again and still I didn't understand the name but got that he was with a home improvement company (I think not.). He then asked if my home was a house and not apartment. I told him sorry I'm not interested. He kept begging me to please stay on the line and I just said sorry bye and hung up.
 Jul 24th, 2013
Two men with heavy Iranian accents (couldn't catch one name, Aleksander was the other) said they were from Microsoft and they told me I had malware on my pc and if I turned it on they would help me. I told them I did not believe them and to take me off their list. They continued to argue with me and I said to leave me alone or else I'd call the police. They said "I'm going to f**k you and f**k you in the a**." I hung up and called the police.
 Jul 13th, 2013
scamming not call list HAHAHA they are crooks they don't abide by law..I'llll bet they don"t carry registered guns either...
 Jul 11th, 2013
Got a call from these people this morning. Said they were a company called Windows Service Ctr, telling me my computer was receiving virus containing downloads. Wanted me to go into my computer and run a scan. People I talked to were obviously foreign, Japanese or Chinese. Somehow, gratefully, the phone hung up. I the came here to check the number. WATCH OUT FOR THIS ONE. They said they had my CLS # for my computer. Am going to check with microsoft.
 Jul 11th, 2013
Received this call in the early afternoon. First things first... the number is spoofed; it is NOT coming from Washington state. Caller ID also showed "abhijitchakrabo". Googling this term brings up a number of people named "Abhijit Chakraborty" in India. Somehow I doubt one of those people is actually phoning, but the fact that the call is from India is informative.

Have a look at this Ars Technica article:

As other commenters have mentioned, this scam involves an agent with a heavy Indian accent claiming to be from Microsoft who informs you that your computer is infested with malware. For a fee, they will clean up and optimize your computer. To do this, they request that you allow them to remotely access your machine. Obviously, if you let them go ahead, this is where you get hammered... Not only are you paying for nothing, but you've allowed them to root around in your computer for your private info (e.g. personal details, banking information, passwords, etc.).

The sensible thing to do is just hang up. However, the fun thing to do is to play along like the fellows in the Ars Technica article did. In my case, I kept feigning ignorance (e.g. "Start menu? I don't see a Start menu!") for several minutes, then finally ask, "Is this because I'm using a Mac?" Reportedly, some agents become abusive. My agent was surprisingly calm, though. He said, "Oh, you are using Mac. Well, you don't have problems, then. Thank you and good day!" :-D
 Jul 08th, 2013
Next time they call, they may need the bomb squad sent over!!!
 Jul 08th, 2013
Just received a call. I NEVER even bother answering when I do not know the number (if it's not someone I know)... why would I answer otherwise? it's just going to be someone trying to sell me things or scam me!

But I hate letting it ring endlessly.... so I just push the answer button, then push the hang up button right away! Gets rid of the riging, let's me stay calm, and I don't think they have ever called back when I did this! It's great!

**I am also on the "do not call" national list.... just imagine if we were not!
to stay calm
 Jul 06th, 2013
Also believe this is a scam/phishing call. A male with a thick Indian accent called saying he was from Microsoft Services and that my computer had downloaded several junk files and was about to shut down. Insisted that I go immediately to my computer and so he could help "fix" the problem, even though I told him that Windows Defender is installed and running, and that the daily scans we run showed no problems or issues. Got irritated with me for asking questions. Very persistent caller - immediately called back after I hung up on him, and then called again from the same number but with a different caller ID description (8008).
 Jul 02nd, 2013
This dude called me thick Indian accent when same thing some wrong with my computer I just had it updated yesterday he said bull s**t I said let me talk to your sup how dare you talk to me like lemme talk to your sup he then told me f you b****h I told him. Lemme talk to your sup he said lemme talk to your daughter I want to report her like wtf dude! Report these people!
 Jun 12th, 2013
thick indian accent guy claiming to be marvin said that my 2007 program had a virus and he will tell me how to get rid of it. I have windows 98 and my word is lower than 2007 so this guy has no clue what he is talking about. when I asked him who he works with he said cyber securities and he is calling because I contacted them about a virus. I wasn't on the computer and nothing is 2007. When I asked him his real name he told me I can go suck his d*ck, and that is when I said have a nice life babu you effing loser and hung up on him. This is a total scam. I hopenoone falls for it
 Jun 07th, 2013
scam This was a dangerous phishing call. A man with a heavy India accent came on the line after a few seconds. He asked for me by my name and said that he was calling about my computer. He said that the computer company had detected that my computer is infected with a variety of viruses and other problems that he could help me fix. I asked if there was a number I could use to call him back and the line went dead.
I am approaching 65, so I imagine that this outfit may be calling people who they have identified as older and more easily duped about the safety of their computers.
 Jun 07th, 2013
I too believe this is a scam. A male with an Indian accent said that my computer was infected with viruses, and something was coming in to the operations center in California.
R Conner
 Jun 01st, 2013
 May 30th, 2013
They accidentally left their call as a message while I was out. I suspected it was a boiler room because no specific message was left for me, but you can hear a bunch of people all talking at once in the background.
 May 28th, 2013
Called saying that our computer was so infected with viruses that it would fly into space, I think any person that has touched a computer would realize that they don't normally have rocket boosters. Also had a thick accent.
 May 25th, 2013
Called in saying he was with some company who monitors the internet and that my laptop had been downloading virus infected files. Said they could tell by the CLSID and MAC address, They made one big mistake. I have been building, repairing, upgrading, and networking PCs for over 20 years. I asked him a dozen or so questions, and he couldn't answer any of them, including what the MAC address of the computer they were monitoring was.... The guy had a heavy Indian accent. I told him that one more call and I would contact the District Attorney for his area...
 May 21st, 2013
Answered but got no response. After a few seconds of silence there was a beep and a recorded 'Goodbye'
 May 16th, 2013
couldn't speak English well, started talking about trouble coming on internet or something like that, so probably a scam
 May 13th, 2013