cruise line gimmick, bogus scam.............pure losers !
 Nov 30th, 2012
This guy needs to stop.
Doesnt matter
 Nov 26th, 2012
This phone number is from the scammers offering a Bahamas ship cruise. You know the one with the ship's fog horn heard in the back ground.
 Nov 26th, 2012
This phone number keeps calling me. I haven't answered since I don't know who it is. They call me about twice a day everyday. After some research, I'm pretty sure this number belongs to spammers.
 Nov 22nd, 2012
This number called my mobile phone at 10 am today (November 21 2012) I do not know anyone in Washington State and the only people who have my phone number are my children and my husband. They would not give it out to anyone.

I did not answer the call since I didn't know who it was from. The phone simply said "Washington" and "1-253-753-9059
 Nov 21st, 2012