I knew it was either a scam or a bank I didn't yet have an account with as soon as they failed to give the name of the company in the recording (which told me I qualified for a lower interest rate of 6.7%). Out of sheer curiosity, I went ahead and pressed one to talk with someone. When the man still failed to identify himself and told me the offer was because I had made my last 36 payments on time. I asked which account he was referring to and he stumbled for a moment before saying Chase. I've only had my Chase card for about two years, so this was reeking of a scam by this point. He then asked if I owed over $3500 on all my credit cards combined and made it almost sound like just a really poorly executed consolidation offer, so I told the guy that I wasn't interested in consolidation at that time and he was like "No, no, no consolidation. Just a lower interest rate. You just have to owe enough money to qualify." I told him the truth that I didn't owe that much because I wasn't really curious anymore. What kind of credit card company makes these calls first thing Saturday morning, anyway? It's not even an intelligent scam (sorry for anyone out there that bought it, you probably talked to a guy way smarter than I did!).
 Dec 01st, 2012