There's a wave of these scam callers right now. Their threats are empty. Just ignore them and never send any money.
 Oct 21st, 2010
This guy (Indian Origin)speaks not very good english, saying he is from Insta Cash on line!! Apparently my husband filled out a form via email for a loan received money by deposit into his bank account!! and has not returned this guy's (Indian) emails and has not made any payments... So he (Indian Guy) is taking my husband to court!!! and my husband is going to be arrested for 3 counts of felony 1.Fraud 2.None payment 3.Internet Fraud.. I spent 20 mins arguing with this man and calling his bluff as to which court house and so-on, he states he is working for the State Attorney's office in california.. So now he is calling from another number 701-661-1692... What can we do about this???? any suggestions???
 Oct 21st, 2010