Said I would be served legal papers if I did not call 866-296-6013 and talk to someone within 2 hrs. Very threatening tone! Walker and Sons in Riverside, CA answered. Looking for someone with my name, different birthday and SS. Probably debt collection, but would not confirm. Also said they had no way to remove my number from records of first caller. Called them back, msg not returned. Frustrating!
 Jun 26th, 2017
6/23/17 Caller ID said: ALC ALC
Said they needed to make sure that someone would be here to accept documents for a Wendy Warington. Told them that I didn't know anyone by that name. They stated that they would document that she used our number as a referral/location and that they would makes sure that it shows that she falsified info by using our phone number and would be prosecuted based on the information that I provided. Now...was all that the truth? Who knows these days! Tried to call back, but only answer.
 Jun 23rd, 2017
Showed up on caller id as ALC ALC number 253-719-5442 let it ring - they hung up before machine picked up
 Jun 15th, 2017
Keep getting calls from this #. Says Washington.
 Jun 14th, 2017