I did talk to them and told them not to call back, they called 2 more times in the same day !!!! filed complaint w/ do not call list and told "Olivia" to take me off the list FOREVER !!!! and the name of the company is Celeberty Home shopping / delivery.
 Aug 19th, 2010
CID said 253-671-8866 "INTL CHILDREN N" and is most likely a charity organization soliciting donations. I didn't answer (was out) and they left no message. If they call again I will ask them to identify themselves and request that they give me the phone number of the Secretary of State Charities Program so I can validate who they are. They are required by law in Washington State to give out that phone number and if they don't, you can consider them to be scam artists. Also, you can ask them "Where would I mail a check if I wanted to make a donation in that manner?" and see if they are honest enough to reveal an address. You can also request that they not call you again and they must honor that request.
 Dec 15th, 2008