Called and tried to collect on a disputed debt that is past the statute of limitations, if it was valid, and is about to come off our credit. Also trying to collect on a bogus payday loan scam debt that they are claiming we co-signed on. Total BS. When I said they needed to send all of this information for verification to us the Collection Agent began speaking over me and interrupting me, trying bully tactics. After trying to stay calm I was forced to hang up due to the agent being belligerent and refusing to allow me to speak. They kept asking for my email address when I stated that they needed to send everything to me through the mail. Hung up and reported them for trying to collect on a payday loan scam and on a debt that is past the statute of limitations while providing false information to me over the phone. Also about to report them to the BBB. Their listed information claims to be a mortgage company but their chamber of commerce page states they also do collections. (albeit illegally)
 Jan 23rd, 2015