For anyone who actually wants to speak to human representing MUTUAL CONSOLIDATED SAVINGS CALL: 253-383-8780. i called this local tacoma, wa phone # which i found in the yellow pages after being harrassed & cussed out by one of thier reps. it goes to the companys corporate american office. i spoke to a "manager" & he was just plain STUPID. kept wanting me to give him my name & number but when i asked for his he refused. i told him that i would be happy to give him any info he wanted as soon as i could verify that this was a valid company. he told me i was being unreasonable. his reason for refusing to provide me w/ his name & direct line was that he didn't want to get involved in my complaint. seriously, what kind of company encourages an employee to with hold that? my suggestion is call them. everyday. if they get harrassed enough @ the corporate office they may just change the way they conduct business. also, when i told him that myself & several others were considering pressing charges for harrassment his response was, & i quote "for what? a nationwide manhunt for someone you're mad at because he was mean to you? please! thats the most ignorant thing i've ever heard" wow! what a great place to do business with, huh?
 Aug 05th, 2008