Scammer called and told me that they are filing a lawsuit against me and they have my information and i didnt give it to Them..i want them to stop calling...
 Apr 17th, 2013
They call over and over for no reason
 Feb 26th, 2013
they keep calling and wont stop...
 Feb 06th, 2013
SCAM.....Has "Lower interest rate on my home".
Steven G.
 Feb 05th, 2013
Recorded message offering lower interest rates. I don't even have a mortgage. These people are scum.
 Jan 31st, 2013
Received a call from this number and they just sat there on an open line and listened to me say hello 4 times. after I went silent they sat there for another 15 seconds before hanging up.

Why would you call them a Telemarketer? Telemarketer's want to sell something, not sit there listening to you say hello. There is a difference between Telemarketers and Scammers. It seems the calls I get are not even scammers. no one ever says a word, and if they do they ask for some Mexican. and continue to cal over, and over, and over, even though they are told repeatedly they have the wrong number. They never seem to want anything. 800Notes, and the like need a new "Call Type" category. HARASSMENT....

The scammers do this all the time, they say nothing so that they can make an attempt at getting out of trouble by saying it was a mis-dial, in hopes that you call them back, then they have free rain to keep calling you.

You have no way of knowing who owns the number. I can input this very number into a outgoing call and make it appear the number belongs to Pacific Telecom or any other utility or State or Country.
 Jan 30th, 2013
Robocall left voice mail saying I qualify for mortgage loan modification to reduce my payments. I don't have a loan so my payments are zero. They either owe me money back (payments less than zero) or this is false advertising.

Telemarketers please go live on another planet. Preferably one without air. Thank you.
Iwana Fthem
 Sep 13th, 2012