Cranston, it's more likely your number was ''added successfully'' to a sucker list to be traded and sold to more scammers. Possibly their ANI (Automatic Number Identification) took care of collecting your number.

Amber, you realize the FTC doesn't restrict your contact to web-based forms, right?
 Sep 21st, 2012
Automated message about lower interest. Pressed "1" to connect to an individual named "Kimberly". Upon asking for a supervisor I was placed on hold momentarily and then disconnected. Callback to called ID number yielded an automated message asking what number I would like added to their do-no-call list. After a few moments of silence the message then indicated that the number had been added successfully, despite my lack of actually entering any numbers through my phone.
Cranston RI
 Sep 20th, 2012
They identify themselves as card holder services. When you ask to talk to a supervisor you get disconnected same with the opt out option on the automated system. I am also on the do not call registry and there is no way to report them without the actual name of the company.
 Sep 20th, 2012
Scam callers like this do not need to ''find'', ''get'', or ''have'' your phone number any more than you need to own the numeral '7' before throwing dice to win at a gambling table. This credit reprice scam thread is not so long or lacking for detail that you need to ask what's going on.
 Sep 19th, 2012
I answered the phone asked the person the name of the company she replied that she was account services; asked again the company, she stated account services with visa, told her i dont have a credit card she stated she will remove me, i attempted to get additional info on how and why they would call me and how they got my info if i dont have an account, the person hung up on me, i called back and recieved on a mesaage stating i will be removed from their call list. WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? i dont understand how they got my number or information! i cant afford to be scammed...
 Sep 19th, 2012
This telephone number belongs to Pacific Telecom Communications Group. They are a public utility who's business involves facilitating illegal telemarketing calls in apparent violation of 16 C.F.R. ยง310.3(b) of the Federal Telemarketing Sales Rule.

For more information about the people behind this unsolicited call, go here:

If you want to stop these unsolicited telemarketing calls, PLEASE send a complaint to Washington State regulators about these illegal calls from Pacific Telecom's phone numbers:

Washington Attorney General Online Complaints:

Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission Online Complaints:

Contact info for Pacific Telecom Communications Group's legal representative, F Antone Accuardi:
Cell: 971-404-4185

Pacific Telecom Communications Group
12228 Venice Blvd. Suite 559
Los Angeles, CA 90066
 Sep 17th, 2012
robo call - left message on machine
 Sep 14th, 2012
Robocall left voice mail offering "last chance" to lower my interest rate. I don't have a loan, so my interest rate is zero. They better be paying me a negative interest rate otherwise this is false advertising. But what do they care, they are damned telemarketers who should all be thrown into a volcano.
My Name
 Sep 14th, 2012
I called the number and was able to remove my number from their list. Hope it worked.
 Sep 14th, 2012
Paul, the ''opt-out'' via keypress would be fine if these callers actually cared enough about the Telemarketing Sales Rule not to call you in the first place. The credit reprice scammers make the offer only to help maintain the illusion that they have any right to place canned sales calls from an autodialer ... which they don't. The most your keypress will do is signify a working phone number used by a human who might potentially respond to their scheme.
 Sep 13th, 2012
Just like an extended warranty for your vehicle, these "ppl" do NOT adhere to the DNC list. If you opt out, they know you are a working phone # and sell it to other scammers. The best thing to do is...DO NOT EVEN ANSWER YOUR PHONE! IF it is an important call, legit ppl will leave a message. Let them go to the answering machine or let em' hang up if no one answers. Sooner or later, they will all leave you alone. Bob
 Sep 13th, 2012
I keep getting calls from this number. I told off the woman on the other end and she said: "because I was being mean, she would NOT remove my number." I told her off even worse and hung up. When you call the number back, you have the option of being removed from their call list. I'll see if this works. I get calls from this same company from MANY phone numbers. So, I called back one of the others I had today, and it also gives you an option to be removed from their list. Time will tell. 09/13/2012 Oh, and like all others on this board..... I'm also on the DO NOT CALL LIST. UGH! :(
 Sep 13th, 2012
credit card phishing scam. I get several of the a day.
 Sep 12th, 2012
Just another recorded message from the credit card scammers
sn in TX
 Sep 12th, 2012
I don't have any loans. I don't do business over the phone. I have no idea why this org would call me. I have reported them to the Do Not Call org, but I'm not hopeful anything will come of it.
 Sep 08th, 2012
I am on the no call registry, and it seems to be useless - this number calls and calls, and I hav e to pick it up even though it isn't identified, as my son's medical issues often has hospitals and doctors calling from blocked numbers. It is a phish for interest of some sort, as soon as I say "I am on the no call -", they hang up on me. Not appreciated -
 Aug 30th, 2012
The same people keep calling and the PRESS #3 to stop calls (offered by the auto caller) Does Not work-or they don't care. After blocking the number they call back with another one. Real Pains
 Aug 25th, 2012
How it works:

People should continually file complaints with their Attorney Generals office and also file with:
If enough people keep complaining then maybe something will get done.

The calls are being made from outside the US however most of the call centers (where you actually talk to someone after pressing 1) are in the US and the companies making the money from the scam are owned by people in the US.

Many of these calls are coming from Costa Rica and India and they are using spoofed (false) numbers, which in itself is illegal. They do cold calling for or sell the leads to numerous companies in this country and they know that what they are doing is illegal. Tomorrow this same number may be selling Cruises, Timeshares or Security Systems but if you follow the money it usually ends up in the hands of an American LLC. Keep complaining to the FTC and FCC, and start bugging our politicians to pass laws to make it punishable in criminal court instead of handing out fines that they don't pay. Another course of action is to contact phone companies to find out why they won't block spoofed numbers. With today's technology that should be an easy thing to do, unless they are somehow profiting from the use of their systems.

The criminals behind this operation aren't going to pay attention to you asking to be removed from their list. Their calls cost them nothing and they can make a million of them a day so they have no intention of ever removing someone. When you press a key to talk to them all that is accomplished is to verify that they have a working number.
Unfortunately blowing an air horn or whistle doesn't work either. Their headset have noise dampeners plus they are expecting it. However with that said if it makes you feel better then by all means give it a shot.

For anyone thinking of using Special Information Tones (or as they're called in the industry SIT tones) to fake a non working phone number, they won't work. Since around 2001-2002, the costs of
 Aug 24th, 2012
"Rachel" from Cardmember Services assuring me that there's no problems with my accounts... the old phishermen trying to get account information- I've been repeatedly harassed for well over ten years... asked and asked and asked for them to no longer call me... reported to DNC dozens of times. The sum total of my experience coupled with other observations has me concluding that whoever is harassing people in violation of federal law will not be stopped by the murderous thugs in government who couldn't possibly be less concerned about the tax money farm that is the general population.

DNC might be useful in dealing with legitimate businesses but cannot touch criminals whose mode of operating reflects knowledge that their calls are not wanted and are likely illegal... though since the law seems to not be enforced they may just as well be legal. Government WILL NOT waste its time pursuing what amounts to an annoyance. I did contact Qwest Corporation hoping to get a measure of satisfaction and after successfully negotiating the maze of automated options to finally get a human I found out the number isn't associated with an account of theirs. It wouldn't have mattered anyway because they would only have acted if I were a customer of theirs- and even then the only action would have been to cancel the account- leaving the perpetrators free to set up a new one and continue their illegal (supposedly) harassment.

Since the elected criminals are not going to do anything and the corporate community will only act minimally it is up to us to deal with these would-be identity thieves. I challenge any innovator or inventor to develop a phone accessory that when deployed emits a piercing shriek over a connection to create maximum discomfort on the receiving end so us regular folks have something to fight back with... something that will induce a severe headache would be nice..

In all fairness the federal government does have far more important things to pursue- not the least of which should be cleaning up its own act... let DNC remain the placebo button that it has effectively functioned as
Fed Up
 Aug 23rd, 2012