It is an automated appointment reminder call for Community Health Care in Peirce Co. Washington. Posted 10-24-2009
 Oct 15th, 2009
The above number keeps calling. There's no name so I don't answer as I've been slammed recently with unsolicited sales and marketing calls. Somehow these people are getting around my blocked "unavailable" calls. I tried to recall the number, but it rings and then bumps to a busy signal or just keeps ringing. The first time I tried to call the number back in the hopes of having the company remove my number from their list, someone answered, but didn't say hello or identify their company (if this is a company). Then they hung up. I redialed, and the phone just kept ringing, and the third time, well it went to this busy signal thing. I'm concerned, first with businesses calling me on the cellphone, I'm not paying to be harrassed by a sales person. Secondly: I have a restraining order against someone who's stalking me...and if this is that person changing numbers, I need to report this to the police. Can you help?
 Sep 02nd, 2009