Called by Caldera Tech, said his name was Wayne Hunt. He told me notices had been popping up in the right hand side of my screen for the last month and I had ignored them. Also said my computer is running slow with error notices popping up upon startup of Windows. I looked in my windows message center and there were no issues so I told him that. He said they haven't used those for quite a while now. He also said there was a trojan and it was malware and that my anti-virus and malware protection wasn't good enough to catch this (I never told him what kind of programs I was using). I told him my son is a compuer expert and has had his own network computer repair business. He told me my son would not be able to find it. He wanted me to verify the Licence ID he had and said it had to be accessed by me to verify it from deep inside my computer. I told him I don't even have a repair man come to my home without doing extensive searches online to verify who they are and their history first. He acted a bit offended when I asked for his name and phone number and he asked when is a good time to call me back. Uh, no...I said I would call him back after doing a thorough search for his credentials. He hung up. Apparently this is a commonly used scam. Microsoft's own website is aware of it and says they never call their customers for any computer issues.
 Nov 21st, 2014
Got a call stating that they were getting messages that I had bad files. They did have my e:mail name. Wanted me to get into a program on the computer and they would tell me what to do to get rid of these files. I told him I would have my own tech check it out and was told that they were the only ones that could help me. Told him I would call him back that is when he gave me this number and his name Jake
 May 08th, 2014
I got the exact same call as Jan. They claimed they had the support contract for the computer at this location.
 Sep 09th, 2013
got a call from Caldrea tech saying some files have been downloaded shouldn't be..wants money to keep from happening
 Aug 22nd, 2013