remove my number from your list my number is on a DO NOT CALL LIST
 Dec 14th, 2011
Take my number off list..
E Roush
 Nov 07th, 2011
My - listed on - cellphone was called, on a Saturday. Showed to originate from Kent, WA. I will report them to Obama.
 Oct 29th, 2011
Were very rude. I informed them that I was recording the call and that the number is on the national do not call list, and not to call. She then asked if I was Spanish. I told her no and she said "Well you go ahead and record this call and send it back to me!"
 Oct 27th, 2011
Recording -- "Rachel" from credit card services in Kent, Washington, calling to say nothing is wrong with my credit card but I have an opportunity to get lower interest rates. I hung up before recording continued. My number is registered with the Do Not Call registry. I have also reported the continued calls to the FTC.
 Oct 27th, 2011
Another robo-call that asks to press 1 to speak to someone regarding my account. I don't and have never had an account with these people and really wish they would stop hounding me. They want to scam some kind of credit card account or add-on and they call my cell phone while I'm at work and really busy. It's really gotten me extremely pissed off at this point. Why doesn't someone stop these people. I've reported them to the FTC almost every time yet they still keep calling me. STOP ALREADY!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ken P
 Oct 17th, 2011