This is strange.
253-246-8571 Home security SCAM collecting personal information
253-246-8570 Credit Card SCAM collecting personal information

Only one digit apart, ????????
Fed Up
 Aug 08th, 2012
This is strange.
253-246-8571 Home security SCAM collecting personal information
253-246-8570 Credit Card SCAM collecting personal information

Only one digit apart, ????????
Fed Up
 Aug 08th, 2012
Same Shxt, Different Day. Same credit card scammers, morphing their numbers again, in violation of the National and Texas DO NOT CALL LISTS. They also call from THESE morphed numbers, too: 727-674-9999 919-375-1252 701-661-1003 425-390-8157 682-738-3403 971-217-9513 321-305-9999 503-563-0081 971-220-1771 253-246-8570 503-457-1819 443-602-3717 203-584-5201 971-220-1429
 Mar 08th, 2012
WOW!!! Look at the messages below to see that someone(s) needs some serious money (maybe their credit card bills from Christmas arrived in the mail).

Anyway, I recommend that if you have Caller ID and you don't recognize the phone number and/or name of the caller, that you let your answering machine / voicemail take the message. If your phone can block calls like mine can, block them. It seems that the FTC isn't protecting us, so we must do what we can to protect ourselves.

I've reported this number (and others) on the DO NOT CALL complaint form. Nothing seems to get rid of these annoying callers; they don't seem to be "punished" for calling folks who are registerd on the DO NOT CALL list.

Next steps:
1. Buy a whistle
2. Answer the call
3. Wait for live person to join
4. Blow loudly
5. Tell them to remove your phone number from their list or they will get this treatment again ... and again ... and again ... until they finally learn.
 Feb 03rd, 2012
Spam from "Card Member Services" offering low credit card rates
 Jan 26th, 2012
caller used the F word several times - shocking
 Jan 25th, 2012
Ignorant assholes on the phone. Time for the air horn.
 Jan 25th, 2012
Have no clue who this was and they didn't leave a message.
 Jan 24th, 2012
This was a very threatening recording. The voice told me that they had repeatedly sent notices to my home about my credit card service, but this was my last notification. They would now close out my account. I got worried that my credit card was being canceled. Then the recording went on to disclose that this was not my credit card company but rather a complany that could help me lower my interested rate. All I had to do was press "1" and talk to a customer rep. I didn't press "1" because I hoped there would be another number I could press for "Do not call." But they hung up.
 Jan 23rd, 2012
I waited this time, pressed "1" and when they answered, I asked for the name of their company, and they hung up. I called the number back, got a recording about press "1" if you do not want to get these calls any more, so I did. Supposedly I am off of their call list??? I do not own ANY credit cards. No idea why they ever even called me!
 Jan 21st, 2012
A recorded message identified this as the standard "Card Member Services" scam. When I pressed "1", they hung up. The recorded message said that "this was my last call"! If only that were true! The same message also said that they had repeatedly tried to contact me by mail. (Of course, they have not. They don't do anything in writing.) A new twist on an old scam? What mailings are they trying to make me think are theirs?
Matt Bieneman
 Jan 18th, 2012
Rachel calling AGAIN!!! Scumbags trying to get your personal info! Don't give it to them! Its a SCAM!
 Jan 17th, 2012
Got a mystery call.. So I filed a complaint with the FTC. Hope they keep calling. I can get me some money from them.
Report them
 Jan 14th, 2012
If we can get Bin Laden, we can get Rachel from Card Member Services…

Next time you get a call from Rachel, go ahead and talk to a service member, tell them you want to “Kill Rachel” and then, “You are coming for them too!” Then hang up on them.

I would think after thousands and thousands treats they might get the message their scam is no longer works. Think about it? How many times would you like to hear this treat in a day?

This is the new “I Want To Kill Rachel Fan Club” membership is free…

Tell everyone you know, once everyone hears about us and starts firing back the scam will die.
 Jan 14th, 2012
I got the recorded message about pressing one to keep them from calling me again, but pressing one tells them that a human is actually on the other end so they can sell my # to all their a-hole friends. I just hung up, but I wish there was something more I could do.
 Jan 11th, 2012
Same shxt, different day. Same wankers that keep morphing their phone number, but the message is always the same scam. These nefarious peter puffers could suck a golf ball through a garden hose!!!
 Jan 10th, 2012
Called # back it was recorded message saying you have received a marketing call from this organization to be removed from our calling list press 1. That was the only option, when I waited on the line it cut me off. Really wish I could get "this organization's" name as I am on the do not call registry so they aren't suppose to be marketing to me in the first place.
T Martinez
 Jan 09th, 2012
Caller ID said KENT WA. My machine answered, the caller waited until the message was done, took deep breath, hung up.
 Jan 09th, 2012
Solicitation call for lower interest rates.
 Jan 09th, 2012
Called right at dinner time. My caller ID said it was a Cell Phone. Recorded message said "We've tried several times to reach you regarding your Mastercard account. (I don't have one). This will be our last attempt. We can help you reduce your credit card interest rate on all your credit cards to 6%. Must have total credit card debt of at least $3,000 to qualify. Please press "1" to speak to a representative. (I did), Got a live person who asked me, "Are you interested in reducing your credit card debt?" When I replied, "Who are you with?" she immediately disconnected.
 Jan 05th, 2012