the pnone rang and someone stayed on the phone and listed to me say hello several times, then i head a click.
 Oct 16th, 2012
Woman called claiming that I recently visited a website seeking financial assistance... which I have done not recently or ever that I can recall. I asked her what website and she says "Anyway ma'am would you be interested in receiving a $500 visa gift card" I again ask what website and she repeats the statement. She got frustrated when I kept asking her and hung up on me. Sounds like another consumer scam if you ask me.
 Oct 05th, 2012
I just had the same thing happen to me today. I didn't answer the first time this number called and then I called back to see who it was and it just rang and rang. Then just now I got a call from that number again and I answered and they did not say anything so I kept saying hello and then there was a loud beep then a recording that said thank you and then it hung up. Weird....
 Sep 27th, 2012
Selling alarm systems. I called back and a recording offered to take me off hte call list
 Jan 17th, 2012