When I called this number back 5 minutes later. It said it was disconnected. Really
 Dec 02nd, 2012
called back - diconnected number
 Nov 15th, 2012
When I called this number back not 30 mins later. It said it was disconnected???? Really? then how did they just call me from that number?
 Nov 12th, 2012
Called my cell. I did not answer. Thanks Verizon, AT&T, and all the telephone companies and our government for letting these criminals continue.
 Nov 09th, 2012
Transcript of the voicemail left at 5:36 p.m. Thurs., Sept. 20, 2012:

"...percent, press 1 on your phone now. There is no cost to see if you qualify and only takes a minute. Again, press 1 to find out more or press 2 to be removed from our list. If your total student loan debt is over 20,000 press 1 now. If it is just below 20,000 press 2 now. Or to be removed from any future offer press 3 now."

I called the number back and it was a disconnected number.
 Sep 20th, 2012
continually call the cell phone-we do not answer-annoying
 Apr 28th, 2012
SPOKEO tags this number as telemarketer. Hundreds of complaints listed.
 Nov 01st, 2011
Eschelon Telecom of Washington, Inc., Kent, Washington. Thru; Pacifictel and or Tel West Communications (Wash. Lic.)

Stop this scum!
 Oct 31st, 2011
Security company offering a free GE security system if you put their sign up in your front yard.

Asked them if they knew they were calling a cell phone. Before I could ask for their name/company, he apologized, said he'd take my number off the list, and told me to have a good day.
 Oct 28th, 2011
There IS no formal reverse number search at the craptastic site promoted in the spam from ''JunkCall''. There is only wholesale theft of user content from He's so desperate enough for site traffic he litters on all the other mystery caller forums and free classified ad sites several times daily.
 Oct 27th, 2011
in , you can find who is behind that unknown phone call , check out our free reverse phone lookup, read comments and share your experiences with others, is anonymous and FREE
 Oct 26th, 2011
Multiple calls over this last week. No messages left. Put their number on blocking list. If you have a droid phone with "Webroot" security it will let the phone ring once, then blocks the call throwing them to voicemail. Very handy so I don't have to waste time looking to see who's calling. There are several other good call blockers for droids on the Android market that are free.
 Oct 26th, 2011
 Oct 26th, 2011
I am on DNC.....had 6 calls today!!!!!
 Oct 20th, 2011
Called twice today. Nobody there when answered.
 Oct 20th, 2011
I have received over 10 calls from this number in the last two days to my cell phone. I'm beyond annoyed and am reporting this number.
 Oct 19th, 2011
Received seven calls over two days. I'm looking to identify the true caller so that I can sue them for violating the DNC lists.

BBB of Oregon says they are

Eschelon Telecom Of Washintgon

(253) 246-8553
8672 154th Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052-3556

but I believe that it might be

spot security
portland, oregon

Monitronics dealer.

Office Locations

6625 S 190th Street
Kent, WA

1952 SE 122nd Avenue
Portland, OR

I'll find these people.
 Oct 19th, 2011
Over the past two days, this number has appeared on my cellphone about a dozen times. They call, let the phone ring a handful of times, and either disconnect or when the voicemail intercept comes on they hang up. They don't leave any messages. They are very annoying. I have received more phone calls from this number than from all of my other callers combined. I'm not answering.
 Oct 18th, 2011
Another call- filed complaint with FTC using link below. Have no idea if it will do any good, but i agree with Resident47 below, if everyone who posts on this board would follow up with a complaint with FTC it might have some effect. Then again, it might just be a waste of time.
 Oct 18th, 2011
People, the DNC registry works pretty well with honest businesses. You expect somehow that career criminals with sequential dialers should also scrub the list? Follow Gopha's example. Pile on the complaints also with the FTC and attorneys general. If you can pin down a current address for your tormentor(s), document all calls and send the fools a cease-comm notice by USPS Certified with return card. Meanwhile be thinking of how you will start a TCPA case if the caller still won't quit.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

Telemarketing Sales Rule

Various laws in brief from the FCC
 Oct 14th, 2011
daily calls from these people, never leave message, on do not call list, does no good for these scumbags, there has got to be better punishment, even if reported does not good,
 Oct 14th, 2011
This guy calls everyday and I tell him everyday that I am on a do not call list. New A Co. I found his address and i am going to have my attorney send him a letter. I am sick of this total disrespect for privacy by strangers.
 Oct 13th, 2011
Robocall from another phone service provider - LOSER- This call not answered. My phone # on Do Not Call list, but this is just a waste. Call your Congressman and tell him the Do Not Call list is a big joke and does not stop this kind of call.
 Oct 12th, 2011
I received 4 calls from this company within about 30 minutes (11:14am, 11:25am, 11:35am, 11:46am) this morning. I finally answered - they are apparently a home security system provider and wanted to install a wireless system in my home and advertise in my yard. No thank you! Then how much would they harrass me??
 Oct 12th, 2011
4 calls today, losers!
 Oct 08th, 2011
Received multiple calls on my cell phone from this number. Its a robo-call from Kent Washington. They continue to call even after I opt out (1). Last call I followed through with the scheme to see who was behind this. The girl said they are Absolute Security in VA. They seem to be a front for ADT Security Systems. I filed a complaint with the FTC and I suggest you do the same. The better business bureau lists this as their phone number and website:
Phone: 540-548-2203
Gopha Quersef
 Oct 07th, 2011
Multiple calls in the last 48 hours.
Tom Butler
 Oct 07th, 2011
Didn't answer, left no message
 Oct 07th, 2011
caller ID says its "newaco" google search shows the to be health insurance sales
 Oct 07th, 2011
pacifictel Call several times a day from different number no message just harasment
 Oct 06th, 2011
apparently a robocall from a telecom service. i did not answer this.
 Oct 05th, 2011
I called back and the message said to press one if I did not want to receive any more of their promotional calls. They have been calling multiple times a day and do not leave a message.
 Oct 05th, 2011
If you call back, an automated message says you can get off their call list.
 Oct 03rd, 2011
Called a number of times; no message. Calling from Washington State.
 Oct 03rd, 2011
Has been trying to call me for several days. Never leaves a message. According to another site, may be a security company solicting alarm service. No idea.
 Oct 03rd, 2011
Called multiple times. No message left.
 Sep 30th, 2011