i'm with verizon and for alot of people this might work good for you.Under your security settings set it where only"contacts only" can ring your phone.What is so good about this is the fact that if someone calls you from a phone# that is not stored in your cell phone the person will be directed to your voice mail and if it's someone really legit really needing to talk to you they'll leave a message and your phone will notify you that a voice mail was left,whats better is the fact that your phone doesn't even ring when the idiots call and most likely they won't leave a voice mail anyway,so far i've reduced unwanted calls on my unlisted cell phone to zero"0".Just set your incoming calls to "contacts" and leave outgoing and messaging set to "allow all".works for me!.Again this blocking feature works on the device it self and anyone calling from whatever nuumber can atleast leave a voice mail message instead of ringing your cell phone device like grand central station.By the way,even by my cell phone not ringing it will log calls that were blocked and i can quickly check that on my cell phone just to see if it's a number i might reconize,but i only check that at the end of the day.
 Jun 16th, 2012
I also backed out on line from the derma care stuff
because it was going to auto sign you.
I have received 4 calls within 2 hours from
This number.
 Mar 23rd, 2012
I have received at least 2-3 calls EVERYDAY from this number. I have done the "press 1" to be taken off their calling list, at least 25 times!! How can I get them to quit calling me?
 Mar 20th, 2012
In the past two days I have received 6 calls from this number. I am on the do not call registry and have no idea who they are. They have a message which says I will be removed in 24 hours but it obviously isn't working! SPAM SPAM SPAM calls!
Tracy Crowley
 Mar 08th, 2012
They just called again. Did any of you click in a link for a free trial of Demapure skin cream? I did then backed out of page. They wanted to send me a months supply at discounted rate. Funny. Trial was for shipping only online. VERY persistent when I told them no...3 times.
 Feb 27th, 2012
No one said anything when I answered then finally the computer said goodbye.
 Feb 27th, 2012
They call at least 10 times a day (so it must be computer generated dialing) but they never leave a message. Who are they?
 Feb 16th, 2012
I received 4 phone calls since this morning. I answered the second time, no answer.
 Feb 15th, 2012