They are also using 253-382-9935. All day long they keep interrupting
 Jul 14th, 2012
''Utterly useless'', no. My phones have been much quieter in the nine years of federal registration. Less effective against outright scammers, yes, but the automatic opt-out of DNC causes these reckless security system hawkers to violate the Telemarketing Sales Rule from the very first call. You can't complain about unwanted calls without some prohibition in place, which was the whole point of a registry.
 Jul 07th, 2012
Amazing! I Guess Tom didn't get the fourth of July off and he's taking out on the world!!

So far, he's called me ten times and it's just past noon! I'm sure he's not finished!

DNC list is utterly useless, isn't it??
 Jul 04th, 2012
Searching other posts it says it is a telemarketing company trying to sale various items. It also says it is PHISING AND DO NOT ANSWER THE CALL. DO NOT CALL BACK AND ENTER YOUR NUMBER TO BE REMOVED AS THEY WILL KEEP CALLING. Sometimes when you call back you get a British voice saying number is not in service or not available. DO NOT CALL BACK.
 Jul 02nd, 2012
1st call so far.
 Jul 02nd, 2012
calls up to 7x a day for past week. I labeled it scam 4, and programed it to go silent when trying to come in. That way I am not soooo annoyed, eventually the calls will stop. I did it with scam 1, scam2 and scam3
 Jun 28th, 2012
I get phone calls from 253-246-8514 and 253-246-8515
I don’t know who they are, but they call my cell phone SEVERAL times a day even though I am on the DO NOT CALL list. They NEVER leave a message, and I am burning mad that they have called me for so long, I can’t remember how long it’s been, and won’t stop calling!!
Burning Mad
 Jun 24th, 2012
calls several times a day
 Jun 13th, 2012
Call from Jim at protective services on cell phone. Have called home and cell from different numbers. They ignore and do whatever they want.
 Jun 06th, 2012
There is never an answer by the caller. If you call them back, they say, thank you for calling us back. Press "1" if you want to be removed from their caller list. You press "1" as I always do but they continuely call every few days. I reported them to the the "Do not call" org since my number is on this list but nothing has been done so far.
Patrick Canady
 May 31st, 2012
253-246-8515 has called my cell line countless times, necessitating my checking my phone during business meetings. etc. They leave no message, they don't even pick up if you call them back. Of course, there is no way to find the name of their company by searching via the internet or phone companies. The number is carried by Tel West Communications, LLC- WA. If you email and telephone complaints to Tel West about the random nuisance calls you are recieving from this number, they are obliged to check into it. If you are tired of harrassment from numbers like this, place this message on as many websites, social networks, etc. as you can.
 May 22nd, 2012
Why are robo calls allowed on cell phones and what can be done to stop this annoyance?
 May 20th, 2012
just called Eschelon Telecom of Washington, Inc. in Kent, WA; asked for President/CEO; was trsfrrd to corporate offices in Portland, OR; spoke to 'Mary', who forwarded info/complaint to NOC (Network Ops Ctr) -- she & NOC personnel 'googled' the number, as I suggested they do so!; they have now initiated an investigation into number 2532468515... and filed an e-mail complaint (on my behalf) with the FCC. Formal ball is now rolling!! ~ and ironically, as I was speaking to Mary, ... they called again!!! This HAS TO STOP!!
 May 18th, 2012
This is a very persistent scammer/robo dialer. They call me every hour, on the hour.
 May 08th, 2012
Have received 12 calls from this number in the past week. Have no idea what they want, since I either wasn't home or on the phone with someone else and didn't want to use caller waiting to answer what obviously is some sort of unsolicited call.
 May 08th, 2012
multiple calls over the last two days; noone is ever on the line. When I called back, recording says a commercial entity was trying to call and press 1 at anytime to be added to their "do not call" list. Did so, but I'm alredy registered on the national do no call list.
 May 08th, 2012
The person who is calling from this number is a SCAMMER!!!!! He is using this number to do phone solicitations to solicit money from people so what ever you do, do NOT give out any personal info to this person.
He has gone so far as to also advertise himself on Match.com and con women out of thousands of dollars. He goes under a guise of a contractor who shortly after corosponding, has to go to another country to work and then ask for money because of frozen funds so he can get home fast to their loving arms. He is asking women to empty their 401K accounts to send him money via wire which he thinks cannot be traced but according to the San Francisco PD, is traceable and they are investigating him now. On Match.com he is using multiple names to scam women out of money so BEWARE!!!!!!
 May 06th, 2012
RELENTLESS No one on the other end - also use different extensions XXX-XXX-8530, 8513
 May 05th, 2012
I'm never home to take the call and if I were I wouldn't. Turn their attempted scam into your own scam and bill them for the call since they are in effect "using your phone to conduct their business transactions" and since they must speak to you and your time is valuable let them know you will be billing the number on the caller ID at $49.99 for the first minute and $24.99 for each additional minute, 5 minute minimum. Be sure to get the name of the caller and be sure to say thank you for putting $150 in my account for this call!" See how fast they hang up then see how long it is before you get another call from them. More research to come (but don't wait for me - the idea is here, do something with it!).
TX Maestro
 May 01st, 2012
Keep getting calls from this number on business line.
 Apr 30th, 2012
After several weeks, sometimes answering & sometimes not, last night I answered & actually got a live human person, "James" he claimed, I immediately complained about the two -three times a day for multiple weeks calls & insisted our number be removed from their list, & he said it would & apologized. Will what & see if call ever come again. 4/29/12
 Apr 29th, 2012
Get this call 3 - 4 times a day once I answer the call disconnects!!! WTH
 Apr 28th, 2012
repeated phones calls to a do not call registered phone. They switch their numbers up but I swear it is even the same guy on phone.
 Apr 24th, 2012
Been receiving calls from "New A Co" everday for at least a month. I have been ignoring but I picked up today. A man identified himself as James from Family Protection Services. Asked if I would be willing to have a GE wireless home security system installed for free, for placing a sign in my yard. I said "NO, I already have a security system". He asked if I was under contract, blah blah blah blah and wanted to have someone contact me to discuss. I had to hang up because Mr. Moron kept talking.
John C
 Apr 18th, 2012
 Apr 16th, 2012
Odd, when I called to have my number removed from the call list the recording implied it would take 24 hoo. The funny thing is is that my phone number is unlisted. Definite scam on the number removal list! Ya think?!!!
 Apr 12th, 2012
Hi this is Tom with Home Protection how are you doing today?......"F@ck@ 0ff T0M!" Click....
 Apr 12th, 2012
This company has been calling me five or six times per day on my cell phone. It's harassment.
P Zimmermann
 Apr 12th, 2012
They have called me 4 times today--STOP CALLING
 Nov 30th, 2011
They leave no message- how do u get them to STOP CALLING
 Nov 30th, 2011
Called last night pitching a "no cost" security system
 Nov 29th, 2011
Calls once a week, doesn't leave a message.
 Nov 22nd, 2011
Calling twice daily since 11/10/11
 Nov 19th, 2011
I have received 4 today 11-15-11
 Nov 15th, 2011
The DNC registry works pretty well with honest businesses. You expect somehow that career criminals with sequential dialers should also scrub the list? Pile on the complaints also with the FTC and attorneys general.
 Nov 11th, 2011
unanswered - leaves no message, last week recieved several calls from caller id od NEW CO - why doesn't DNC registry work?
 Nov 11th, 2011
Calls me everyday. I have called back and listened to a recording saying to press "1" to be removed from their call list. After doing do, it tells you to allow 24 hours for processing. The problem is that it's been well past 24 hours!
 Nov 11th, 2011
Spammer, two additional numbers used are 425-390-8157 and 425-390-8126.
 Nov 10th, 2011