how do we stop this service when we cannot find who is running it. it is not the auburn food bank i caled them and they are not the owner of this #
bugged 2
 Jan 12th, 2014
FoodBank called 3 times from different number at 12:04am, 12:49am , and 3:39am.
Woke me up 3x
 Dec 21st, 2013
I got a call from this number at 3:07 this morning.
 Dec 20th, 2013
Called at 2 am and called at 4am.

Rather than hang up, I think the next time I will answer and see how long I can keep them on the line. Just to trace it back.

Very tired of this caller.
 Dec 20th, 2013
this number called me at 2:15 am left no number why cant phone companies do something about these calls
 Dec 20th, 2013
They called at 4:00 am. Seiously
 Dec 20th, 2013
Listed as (FOOD BANK) called me at 4:28 in the morning ......... this was not the first time. It seems to me that some people abuse
the right to invade the homes of some via the telephone. I wish you needed a license to use a phone. I believe in that case , the idiots bothering us at all hours would have to settle for writing letters.......poorly I might add.
Happy Holidays All....... even the morons who disturbed me at 4 in the morning.
Mr Norliam
 Dec 20th, 2013
Someone from this FUCKING number called my house at midnight!!! UGH!!!
Mrs Wheeler
 Dec 20th, 2013
Called at 9:46 PM.
Joan Summers
 Dec 20th, 2013
Called left no message
 Dec 13th, 2013