Received several calls from these people. Recording says to press 2 not to be called. Pressed 2. Guess what?
They called back anyway. Talked to a real person and asked to be placed on their do not call list. Was informed they do not have a DNC list.
 Jun 18th, 2010
I didn't pick up but got some stupid recording on my AM about lowering credit rate. they're blocked now.
 May 03rd, 2010
"National Service"
Called us Sat. @ 10:08 am...
Robocall, no foul language.
We reported them to the DNC Registry.
*69?? callback.... "Thanks for calling back press 1 to be placed on our DNC List (They INSTANTLY Hung-Up)"
[no time to even try pressing 1]

Dave in WI
 May 01st, 2010
So theyre soliciting me to get a credit line?
 Apr 29th, 2010
No one answered when I picked up.
 Apr 28th, 2010
Follow your instincts....this is a scam. Similar experience as reported by others with automated attendant They wanted to offer reduced interest rate on credit card. Questioned the caller as to which card they were calling about responded with 'visa/mastercard' and 'balance greater than $3,xxx qualified'. My comment indicating I did not understand what this is all about resulted in them hanging up without explanation.
 Apr 27th, 2010
This was a robocall, advising me that a credit matter required my attention and by pressing 1 I could address the matter. I did so and made the unfortunate representative develop a headache. GD bastards.
 Apr 27th, 2010
Keep in mind that no legitimate business will violate the DO NOT CALL list. So if you are on it and you are getting calls, what does that tell you about the "business"? Also no legitimate business would hang up on you or let their people use the F-WORD. I have found that anyone calling me using the F-WORD was a scammer who was angry that I was on to them. THAT'S when they use the F-WORD. So block these calls or just don't answer them when you see them on the caller ID!
 Apr 26th, 2010
Called the number to find out who was calling. Said to press 2 if I wanted no more calls. I wanted to find out who was calling so pressed nothing expecting a human being to answer. Instead I got a hang up! TWICE! So much for DO Not Call List here too! I have now blocked their number.
 Apr 24th, 2010
I gat a call from that number about lowering my credit card rate I tried to give him my phone number and was going to ask them not to call me he got mad and told me to go F Bomb my self
David Goldcen
 Apr 23rd, 2010
Recorded message stated they could lower my credit card interest rates, IF I press 1. If I want the calls to stop, press 2. Guess what? I still got an operator, who answered "Credit Services" and when I told him that I had pressed 2 to stop these calls, he hung up on me. Nice way to run a business...NOT!!!
 Apr 23rd, 2010
Left message. Wanted to lock in a credit card rate. Called my office number. Thank god for Caller ID to avoid these harassing calls. So much for do-not-call lists.
 Mar 29th, 2010