I just had this number call me about a $7000 grant. They had my name, address and phone number. they told me I was randomly selected by the US government because I have never filed bankruptcy, no outstanding loans, and no criminal record "meaning you have a good relationship with the government." but I felt it was a scam they told me to put $270 on a green dot card and they would release my grant through western union from the federal reserve bank of new York. im curious how they have my information...
 Jun 25th, 2014
think it's fake they wanted me to put 200 on a green dot card to receive 7000 (253 205 8337)
 Jun 23rd, 2014
I got a call from another number that was short a digit . The man told me that he worked for the verification department and that I was selected for a 7,000 grant and told me some qualifications that I got me excepted . Then he said to give it 5 to 10 minutes then call 253-205-8337 and give them the claim number he provided to receive my grant money. When I called a lady answered explained things and said I needed to go get a green dot card. Then she said she needed me to put 250 dollars on it because the money would be transferred from the US government federal bank and they only needed me to put the money on the card for security purposes so they could make sure the 7,000 was going to the rite person. She was very eager to come up with answers to all my questions and she did but they were not good enough to make me put money on a card.However, these people can be very believable if you are not already suspicious. They have accients the kinda make them hard to understand and I also heard others in the background telling people over the phone what i was getting told so I imagine the people have a pretty big operation going on
North Carolina
 Jun 10th, 2014