I just received a call saying that because I am never late paying my bills (how I wish)and never declared bankruptcy the government picked me to get a $7000 grant that I did not have to pay back. I just could not use the money for gambling or drinking (darn!). Long story short, I reported them to the FTC and NC Fair Trade. Hope they get jammed.
 Feb 25th, 2014
I just got a call not too long ago as well. His name is Jack Williams supposedly. He said that i had been chosen to be one of the few people that have not been late on my payment and that the Government was rewarding me with a $7,000 grant tax free money. I never trust these kind of offers. I went along with it though to see how far he would get, i asked for his full name and he aslo gave me his federal agent Number, which i didn't ask for. He asked me to call another number to confirm that it is me the one receiving this money and so i did. The other guy's name was Peter Watson (What a common name don't you think) so i spoke to him and he said how i would like to receive this money so he gave me three options, bank account #, debit card # or my prepaid card. I then asked him if their was any other possible way to get this money and he said oh you can get it cash at the closest Walmart to your house. I asked him okay so when i go to Walmart what am i supposed to say or do, he told me to give him a call once i got there. and to bring an ID, $290 Cash and my cell phone. He then sounded suspicious, of course i was asking too many questions so he got a bit frustrated. I then said okay i will show up in about 4 hours. Obviously i am not going to show up. You never have to pay the government to receive money from them. This is a total SCAMMMM!!!!. Do Not Fall For It. Even if you are so short with money and want to find an easy way out by approvinf this offer.
 Feb 22nd, 2014
I just got their phone call. The callers sounds an Indian. He said it's a government grant, and tax free. Then he asked me to reach financial department at 253-205-8311. He also gave me a number to claim the grant. GExxxx
 Feb 18th, 2014
They just tried to get me, but there just seemed something fishy about the call. I mean, with the government being so far in debt, why would they hand over $7000 to me for nothing?? Can you say SCAM??? I won't call the number back. They called me from several different numbers because I kept ignoring it and hanging up on them. Be careful.....the government would not try that hard to give their money away!!
 Feb 17th, 2014
Received a call saying that I qualify for a Government Grant but asks for my account number because he need $290 for a security Deposit. At first my dad said just send me a western Union payslip and well cash it like that but than claims he needs $290 for some kind of fee ( can't remember but I knew for sure it was bogus cause i've used it plenty of times and it was the exact same amount as the security deposit he asked for earlier). I don't know how but this guy knew our full name and address and I was even more pissed off when he tried to accuse me of Blackmail for not sending him a $290 check or our account number! All in all, this is a scam people, just like when someone asks you to send them an iPhone to Nigeria or something and that they'll pay you through paypal as long as you send them an "Invoice" ( FYI you can't receive payment through an invoice! LOL)


DONT tell them anything about your personal life cause they will use that to get to you!!!
 Feb 09th, 2014
Govt grant 7,000.00
 Feb 02nd, 2014
SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM... You never have to pay money to receive a government grant. They tried telling me I needed to send them $290 for a security deposit. I asked how is that for my "security"? Then he went on a rant that I couldn't understand because his accent. Then the guy got upset when I told him through money gram, the limit for individual transfers is $899.99, Wester Union is a little higher, but for an individual transfer it's no where near $7,000. He came up with another rant and started raising his voice. I waited for him to finnish, and then read him some reviews that this number has on this site and a few others and got pissed off. Then I just told him I wasn't interested and to erase my information because this is clearly a scam and hung up.
 Jan 30th, 2014
They scam they scam they scam
 Jan 25th, 2014
they a scam1 im homeless
 Jan 18th, 2014
Do not give these people your information. It is a scam.
 Jan 03rd, 2014
They said they were giving me $7,000.00 tax free money (ya Right) and they wanted me to give them either my bank account #, debit card # or my prepaid card. I mean seriously do they think we are all going to follow this scam
 Dec 18th, 2013
Oh wow I was just about to do it now I change my mind lol they got me fucked up I don't have money for me and my two kids are house hoping rite now so I'm homeless..why are these people like this and do such thing to us?
 Dec 03rd, 2013
This caller said his name was joy from government grants and that I qualified for 7000$ grant its bull shit wants deposit of 290$
krystal tracy
 Nov 29th, 2013
I sent 290 dollars believing that I was receiving a federal grant I don't have to pay back. Now they have my money wont give it back and said come find them what can I do can I get a lawyer what should I do is there anyone who can help I feel so stupid
 Nov 28th, 2013
Is this a real thing about the grants or is it a scam??
Christy Pion
 Nov 27th, 2013