Regarding receiving unknown calls from 252 numbers that are 11 digits or 12 digits

Since March, I've been getting phone calls from this number (252-615-218545, which I got this morning at around 9:30am EST) and numbers similar to this one. The other numbers are 252-154-66214 and 252-156-62751. They are always one or two digits longer than normal. They call multiple times in a row sometimes, and they don't leave a message.

In my research, I found a blog article ( regarding NYC adding 11-digit phone numbers, but in the comments section, I found some posts related to 11-digit 252 phone numbers. One of them (Ghostphone Posted 04 Apr 2008 at 1:43pm) reported getting 20-30 calls a night and "I answer the phone as soon as it rings and get nothing. The call is disconnected as soon as I answer. Most of them don't even appear in my call history. Calling my wireless provider they told me that I did not receive any calls during the night. And the only ones I did receive came from my own phone.... I don't know how that is possible because when I dial my own number it goes to my voicemail." Some responded to this and reported similar problems.

But the most information came from Joe (Posted 12 Aug 2008 (2 weeks ago) at 12:34pm):
Millions of mobile phone users are being subjected to a new wave of money making scams currently being carried out by a number of rouge agents set on taking advantage on the curiosity of the individuals they target.

The "Missed Call" scam is very basic and extremely effective, dependant on no more than a return call from those mobile phone users trusting enough to believe that someone is trying to contact them for genuine reasons.

So how does it work? A computer is set up to pick numbers from a list and calls them automatically. After one ring the computer hangs up and the targeted handset indicates that a call has been missed. At this point completion of the scam relies on the owner of the mobile phone returning the call shown as missed on his/her handset.

Curiosity is the key factor on which the success of this scam has been based, and the scammers know that a large percentage of phone users will almost always return a missed call simply to find out the origin and purpose of it.

On returning the call, the owner of the targeted mobile phone is redirected to a premium rate telephone service and increasingly without his/her knowledge. The scammers then take this opportunity and ensure that the maximum amount of money is made from the call by entering into a lengthy conversation, generally relating to some bogus prize or competition.

Often, it is not until the monthly statement arrives that the targeted individual realises that his/her phone has been subjected to a "Missed Call" scam and charged excessive rates for the privilege."

Since there are no tags at, I don't know if anyone will see this since. I doubt that anyone else will get a call from the same numbers that I've gotten, but just in case, I thought I'd better help get the information out there.
 Jun 29th, 2010