This caller had a very bad attitude when I asked him questions about his claim. First I was told that he was calling on behalf of Regions bank. When I told him I was about to call Regions he got a serious attitude and hung up the phone in my face. I went to the bank and the Customer Service rep called him and he got an attitude with her. So I called him back and then he said it was about a payday loan. I have never received a payday loan. He said he is going to send the police to pick me up. Evertime i tried calling him back he kept getting a bad attitude and hanging up in my face.
 Jun 01st, 2012
This guy has called a number of times (RED FLAG) and has a heavy accent like Nigerian( RED FLAG) or something like it. He uses different names(RED FLAG) each time he calls. About a week ago he called and said I was being sued and to give him all my information to settle out of court. I told him to "overnight" me the paperwork and I would look it over with my attorney. He did not like that, and said this was a"paperless" transaction (RED FLAG)he then said he was going to send the police dept to my work within two hours if I did not call him back with the info. Naturally I did not call back and no police ever came. So beware, also if you have any elderly relatives, let them know about these scams, they are very easily taken in by these scare tactics.
John C
 May 03rd, 2012