Caller ID is Tammy Cooper. A Landline & homephone. Ronald W. (53), Sherry C. (50), Sarah (?), April M. (22) Simmons, 6212 Admiral Semmes Avenue, Mobile, AL 36619-4101, A lovely house with detached two car garage & swimming pool; SOUTHEASTERN HANDICAPPED SERVICES, INC., David Mark Seibert (44), 1904 Navco Road, Mobile AL 36605-2810, CEO, CONTACT INFORMATION;; P.O. Box 50839 ยท Mobile, Al. 36605; AL TELEMARKETING LICENSE# 08-102ALTM; EMAIL:; Office at 9 South Florida Street, MOBILE, AL 36606-1934. Calls from 251-471-4095, 251-471-4905, 251-471-6172, 251-661-5098, 251-662-7589, 251-665-3826, 251-957-6321, 800-322-7986 Chartered as an Alabama for-profit corporation on August 4, 1998. Company's principal officer is Ms. Juanita Morgan Seibert (67), President 1904 Navco Road, Mobile AL 36605-2810
hal 9000
 Apr 09th, 2013
This person said they were calling from Lighthouse for the Blind. I did not believe him and so I hung up. He called back and left a very abusive message pn my voicemail. I am going to find out what I need to do to report it.
C Mcormick
 Dec 24th, 2012
called at 8:05 this morning. Really???? Haven't answered. Don't know anybody by that name.
 Aug 12th, 2011
Calls all day and hangs up. Internet shows the call is from Mobile, AL
 Jun 08th, 2011