answered call and no one would answer me. Just dead empty line. i don't like telemarketers.
Janice Miller
 Sep 23rd, 2011
Voice Mail - transcript follows but assure I did not call these people:

Yes, hello. I'm sorry I missed your call earlier. Please give me a call back. I might answer any question that you may have. I'll be in the office all day tomorrow between 8am and 6pm. So please give me a call when you have a moment and looking forward to speaking with ou. Have a great day. Thank you.
Tom Talbot
 Feb 26th, 2011
Called and assumed we were related to saddam hussein when I called all voice mails were full. Not done.
 Dec 29th, 2010
They don't answer and when you call them back an answering machine comes on asking you to leave your information. Don't call them back!
Joe Pep
 Dec 16th, 2010
I wish the person or persins responsible for these calls woud stop calling they call everyday 3 to 4 times a day!!! Answer when someone speaks to you !
 Dec 13th, 2010
My wife bought something from them as a charitable donation. She was told they wouldn't call again for 12 months; next call came a few weeks later. Now they call every day twice a day. Most calls are automated and just hang up when we answer. When there is a human on the phone and my wife answers they attempt the hard sell and refuse to remove us from the call list. When I answer they just hanng up.

No legitmate charity would operate this way. These guys are scam artists that prey on the vulnerable. Report them or block them, but do not give them cash...
Jeff D
 Dec 04th, 2010
This is the line for handicapped... they sell lightbulbs, trashbags and other stuff
Sarah Brat
 Oct 23rd, 2010
Got a few calls lately. When nobody answers after 3s like in this case, I hang up, so if it was an automated dialer, it never has a chance to connect. Not sure if best option.
BTW, my phone was with DNC registry, so I will file a complaint with the FTC
 Oct 04th, 2010
I filed a complaint with DNC Registry

Will try the extion and I'll leave a message
Art M
 Sep 30th, 2010
These people are NOT lifeline alert Inc. They are using that company name and seem to be targeting elderly people who legitimately have the lifeline alert contract. The person who called my mom's home yesterday represented himself as "John" and he sounded as a hard salesman type voice. When I asked him what the call was about he stated that my mother ordered some wooden wind chimes and he was checking to see if she was happy with her purchase. My mother did NOT order any wooden from personally being in sales all my life...BUYER BEWARE! these calls are coming from someone who is searching for information from the elderly. I spoke with Lifeline (the real lifeline) and they are now under investigation. By the way when you call the number back and you receive the automated voice message stating to leave a message,,,Immediately press Ext 117 or 118 *Both of those extensions go to a George Roberts Sr. and a George Roberts Jr ( the head scam artists) leave them a message as I did!!! *Hope this helps!
John K
 Aug 11th, 2010
I've recieved 7 calls from this number. The phone rings and no one is on the other end. When I called the number back it says they are busy and please leave a message, except it never gives you a chance to record. It is very annoying.
 Aug 11th, 2010
They call every day 2 and 3 times a day. When I answer they don't say anything. When I let it go to the machine no one leaves a message.
 Aug 07th, 2010
Every morning at 8 a.m. we get a call and then about an our later. No one leaves a message and when we answer the phone no one is there. It says Lifelife Industries on the phone. We have purchased items from them in the past with no problems, but the phone calling started when we told them that we don't need anything more from them.
 Jul 22nd, 2010
This place is a scam. We asked multiple times to be removed from their list. This jerk said he wouldn't and was abusive and insistent that he'd "keep calling us back." Reporting to the Ohio Attorney General's office.
 Jul 20th, 2010
Continuos rude calls asking for someone other than the owner of the business... Then they hang up---MUST BE AS SCAM!!!!!!!
Stop the calls or talk !
 Jun 12th, 2010