In Canada we suffer the same untraceable numbers. Scammers big time. Phony debt collectors, Telemarketers, Wrong Numbers- related Break in artist / drug addicts that are fishing for information. Bottom line I just
wish we had the ammunition to go after these criminals. But our government is too busy wasting the tax payers money constantly making bad decisions and kissing a lot of foreign ass. Sounds familiar .Business as usual..
I gave up a long time a go with call block SHAW CABLE cable company. Canada pays over $100.00 per month and most of the programs are reruns, repeats, news and talk shows.( Sad excuse for digital cable : internet and telephone service.) Some pencil pusher thought it was a good ideal to put a cap on how many numbers I can block. Who does that? After 32 blocked numbers. Having to fill out several online complaints with the slow moving CRTC
It takes up to a month for the blockage to take effect that's 30 days of misery and harassment.
 Aug 13th, 2013